Bully Pulpit #FAIL

Some find Trump’s war with the media very entertaining.  Others are agast: they see evidence of a disturbed mind.

But more perceptive people some see a clever strategy as described in Owning News in 140 characters.

Ah ha! moment? Hold that thought.  Whatever Trump’s “strategy” may be, the fact is, he is acting a way that detracts from a populist mission.

The Fool / Jester

Trump could use the bully pulpit to educate and, in doing so, unite.  He doesn’t.  Such misuse of the bully pulpit is typical of faux populists.  Obama used the bully pulpit to scold.  Trump engages in petty tiffs.

We are on the verge of WWIII.  But you’d hardly know it from MSMS or from Trump.

Trump seems very concerned about “fake news” regarding Russian influence in the election, yet he never mentions that other countries (notably Israel and Saudi Arabia) have much greater influence.

We become fools ourselves when we succumb to the distraction of a Jester.

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