The Plot to Kill Assad

Moon of Alabama describes how a new Syrian bombing is being set up.  But the clear indications that MoA points to fail to explain the motivation.  Haven’t the Jihadi’s lost? Isn’t the West now trying to clean up the mess by attacking ISIS? (A mess that they helped to create.)

The answer to those questions would appear to be: NO.  There is still a strong desire to see the situation reversed as an Assad ‘win’ is viewed as a ‘win’ for Iran.

IMO, Macron’s ‘red-line’ ‘set-up’ is part of a larger plot to kill Assad.

It started with Trump’s rush to bomb Syria on April 7th (as he dined with the Chinese leader).  This set a marker that, if not heeded, would justify a much more forceful response.  It’s logical to assume that that response will include targeting Assad.

Assad may have ‘won’ (with help of Russia and Iran) but certain powers can not / will not allow him to be a hero or inspiration to others.  One might well imagine that King Salman in particular is vengeful* due to the ‘affront’ that Assad’s prevailing entails.

Furthermore, ‘Assad must go!’ Coalition leadership may entertain the belief that Assad’s death would shake the foundations of the ‘Syrian  Regime’. Oh sure, someone will take Assad’s place but infighting can be promoted.  And the resulting indecision and doubt creates opportunities that can be exploited.

Solidarity (WH photo)

Thus, targeting Assad may be viewed as a logical move on the ‘chessboard’.  But it is clear that if there is such a plan, it BEGAN with Trump’s missile attack on Syria.  The missile attack on April 7 must’ve been planned because: 1) it was not consistent with Trump’s ‘America First’ policy agenda, and 2) Trump rushed to bomb despite uncertainty about who was responsible and despite having warned Obama not to bomb Syria in 2013.

Trump’s subsequent dancing with the Saudis (only 43 days later) only raises more suspicions of Trump as a faux populist and Clinton protege.


* Chocolate cake is a dish best served cold, isn’t it?

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