Taken In: Fake News Distracts Us From Fake Election

There are numerous clues that point to the 2016 US Presidential Election as having been a set-up.  Few seem willing to take a close look at these facts.  But it is necessary for an understanding of the world we live in today.

Trump’s first 100 days has come and gone and he has proven to be every bit the faux populist that Obama was (as I explained in a previous post).  In hind-sight we can see how a new faux populist was installed.


  1. Sanders as sheep-dog
    Black Agenda Report called Sanders a sheep-dog soon after he entered the race.  Sanders made it clear from the start that he ruled out the possibility of running as an independent.  That was only the first of many punches that Sanders pulled as he led his ‘sheep’ into the Democratic fold.  Others were:

    >> “Enough with the emails!”

    >> Not pursuing Hillary’s ‘winning’ of 6 coin tosses in Iowa;

    >> Virtually conceding the black and female vote to Hillary;

    >> Not calling Hillary out about her claim to have NEVER sold her vote;

    >> Endorsing Hillary despite learning of Hillary-DNC collusion;

    >> Continuing to help the Democratic Party reach out to Bernie supports even after the election.

    As one keen observer noted: Sanders is a Company Man.

  2. Trump as Clinton protege
    Trump knew the Clinton’s for years and was very friendly with them.  His daughter Ivanka is close to Chelsea.  He supported Hillary’s Presidential run in 2008 – even taking up the ‘birther’ nonsense that she started so as to weaken Obama (just as ‘fake news’ now weakens Trump).

    Trump has done several things that have played into the hands of his ‘fake news’ critics, while doing other things that have alienated his base.  These “own goals” are hard to explain.  Like keeping Comey in his Administration and hinting that he taped conversations with Comey, etc.  Trump has effectively turned the Russian witchhunt into an investigation into obstruction of justice.

  3. Hillary – playing along
    Hillary ran a very poor campaign for someone that has been in politics for a lifetime and has the support of the sharpest minds in politics (including her husband).  The NY Post deemed it, “The Worst Campaign Ever”.

    Media rumors that Hillary was ill reached a high point when she was lifted into a van on 9-11.  The frenzy over Hillary’s health came and went in a matter of weeks but these bogus concerns (she appears to be the picture of health now):

    1) gave Hillary an implied excuse for having run a poor race (along with Russians!!!!), and

    2) helped to quell partisan outrage when Trump said – within days of winning the election – that he wouldn’t prosecute Hillary.

    3) Despite her character flaws, collusion with DNC, and disastrous election showing, Hillary is still on top and aids and associates (like VP Biden) make excuses for her.  Why do powerful people tip-toe around the Clintons like that?

Fake News
Why is the irresponsible journalism of ‘fake news’ so prevalent.  Why are journalists, How_to_Spot_Fake_News.pdfhistorians, politicians, and pundits so caught up in promoting it?  In short, why has our society gone crazy?

The ‘fake news’ frenzy is both a mechanism used to create the appearance of pressure on a faux populist President and a distraction from the the REAL news: the fake election.  Seen in this light, ‘fake news’ was both inevitable and a smart media strategy.


The rot runs deep.  Citizens must develop a keen understanding of history and be as discerning of their news sources as they are of their food sources.  Question everything.

The passage of Citizens United that allowed almost unlimited money in politics, makes the election of a ‘populist outsider’ is nearly impossible.  But a faux populist is nearly certain to be elected.


Cover Photo: Reception night at MisinfoCon, a summit for fighting fake news, at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 24 February 2017

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